Set of 2 plates Shrimp and Tents (16 cm)


Set of 2 plates Shrimp and Tents (16 cm)

Set of 2 plates Shrimp and Tents

Diameter: 16 cm

Product uniqueness: handmade

Author: Riccardo Capuzzo

Brand: Aquatic Creatures


They say that the artist, dreamer and storyteller Riccardo Capuzzo invented Searcus for children. The idea is that the bright world of marine life and circus attractions (the name of the collection is Sea plus circus) will be loved from an early age by those in whose hands the future of the planet is. So strongman crabs, acrobat shrimp, gymnast turtles settled on porcelain cups, plates, trays and even notebooks. Like, it’s nice to eat from such dishes, and the World Ocean with its secrets becomes like a native. In addition, the heroes of each plot are artists! Their painted circus arena is a place of creativity, friendship, skill, co-authorship, hard work and well-deserved fame! In a word – a whole model of the real world! The way the artist would like to see it. Yes, and all of us, adults and children, in the long run.


Art, Blue, Red


Riccardo Capuzzo


Hand embroidery